Gasped Family Support Service.
Is your service confidential? Absolutely and non judgemental.  We want you to feel safe when you talk to us so anything you disclose will not be shared with any other person or organisation. If you use our helpline you do not even have to give your name. If you decide to access our service on a regular basis we will ask you if it is ok to contact you by letter or phone call. You can decline both of these if you wish. However if you do decide to say yes to phone calls our number comes up as a blocked number and if someone else picks up the phone we do not leave any details of where we are calling from unless you are happy for us to do so. When we may break confidentiality:- If you directly ask us to pass on some information to persons or an organisation. Any safeguarding issue that we feel puts you or someone else in danger. Do you help the substance misuser as well as the family? No we don’t. There are specialist treatment services based across Wakefield District that will help and support your loved one. However we can and do work closely with them. Please see the treatment service page for more information and contact details. I feel nervous about getting in touch and making that first step This is perfectly normal and a lot of our carers feel nervous on that first appointment.  Your first appointment will be with one of our specially trained members of staff and it will allow you to talk about your circumstances, it’s upto you how much information you want to share at this stage and you may feel better sharing more as you access our service more regularly. We will talk to you about all our services and you can access as many as you want or none at all.   How do I make the first appointment? You can self refer or if you are already involved in a service based in Wakefield they can refer you if you would prefer. We know that sometimes it is hard making taking that initial step. All you have to do is call our office on 01924 787501 to make an appointment or use our contacts page and e-mail us your details and we will get in touch with you. Can I bring someone with me on my first appointment? Yes. They can come into the session with you or they can wait in our reception area. Do I have to be a close relative? No. Our service is for anyone affected by a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol use so that could include a parent, partner, grandparent, siblings or even a close friend. Are you just based in Wakefield city centre or can I access your service across the district? No. We have a number of services that can be accessed across the district. If you wish to have your first appointment in the area you live then that isn’t a problem when you call us just ask. We also have our support groups based in Wakefield, Castleford and South Kirkby and we can offer counselling and one to one appointments in any community base across Wakefield. Is your service free? Yes. All of our services you can access free of charge, however we are a charity and if you would like to make a donation you can do so by visiting our donations page. Would I be judged as a bad parent? This is a common fear amongst a lot parents accessing our service for the first time and please feel rest assured that we would never judge you.  We know from experience that substance misuse can affect anyone and any family. Am I responsible for my loved ones substance misuse? A lot of our carers feel responsible and ask themselves questions such as ‘what did I do wrong?’ This is perfectly normal and a lot of parents and carers blame themselves for their loved ones substance misuse. Here at GASPED we help you to recognise that there is no fault or blame and we help you to separate this in order to help you cope.  The substance misuser tends to relinquish all responsibilities to anyone who will take hold of them and as a loved one we automatically take on the full load, thinking that we are helping. This load can become unbearable, here at GASPED we help you carry that load.
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